In the summer of 2012 we collected signatures for a petition to Vince Cable MP, which was presented to him at a public meeting on November 29th 2012. We got about 900 signatures on paper and 100 online.

The wording of the petition was:

Dear Dr Cable,
As Business Secretary you are responsible for the licensing of weapons exports and for the UKTI-DSO, the Government arms sales organisation. As local residents we call upon you to:
1. Stop arming repressive regimes. It’s time to end government support for the arms trade, close the DSO and close the DSEi arms fair.
2. Substantially restrict arms sales to countries where this will divert resources from development and exacerbate poverty.
3. Support a strong and effective UN Arms Trade Treaty that protects and upholds human rights and bans weapons sales to repressive regimes.
4. Divert current taxpayer support for the arms trade towards sustainable exports which demonstrate a respect for peace, human rights, and a safe environment; and create positive, sustainable jobs in the UK.