Twickenham, Richmond and Kingston Network Against the Arms Trade (TRAKNAT) is a network of local groups, campaigning against UK arms exports.

Mission Statement

  • TRAKNAT works to end the government’s promotion and financial support for arms exports, and other exports that damage people and the environment.
  • Members of TRAKNAT believe that:
    1. UK arms sales to autocratic repressive regimes are wrong.
    2. Arms sales are an unfair financial burden on poorer communities overseas, they divert resources from development and exacerbate poverty.
    3. Government arms sales promotions constitute a wholly disproportionate UK taxpayer expense. Moreover any commitment to arms sales detracts from worthwhile issues like green technology, energy sustainability and tackling poverty at home and abroad.


TRAKAT is supported by:

Contact: Paul Tippell, 07970868508, email “info” at this domain (